It'll rock your world.

Hey people.. It's back.. Keep yourself grounded.. For our extravaganza will come as a whirlwind to sweep you off your feet.

Pradharshini 2009

Quintessential enthusiasm, Plethora of fun, Electrifying moments, The struggle for glory. Come September watch the Kaleidoscope of events unfold at our cultural melange in the heart of the city. The tonic for your inner dervish is made by the best hands to relieve you from the shackles of monotony.

When the whole city is set ablaze why couch back at your place? Jump into the melting pot of talents. Come join where the connoisseurs of festivities wait for you with a booty of over 5 lakhs.

Lines wont suffice to explain the fervour. Experience it.

Its hot, its hip, its happening.

Its Pradharshini, 2009.